Lay Pastoral Care

The Lay Pastoral Care Committee provides services to those in our Parish community who are in need of extra assistance.  This consists largely of providing transportation to doctor’s appointment, to church services or events, and the like, as well as meals at home when someone is ill.

There is a core committee which meets twice a year (May and November) to share concerns and decide on contact people for the following six months.  The core group is assisted by others in the parish who have expressed their willingness to provide rides locally or farther afield.

Anyone in need of a ride or a meal need only call the Church office, 563-3533, and leave a message.  You will be contacted by one of our volunteers to arrange the details.  No request is a burden.  Please know that we care.  Please know that we are willing and able to help.  Please call us. Many of us reach out to others in the Parish on an informal basis. However, there may be times when someone needs help and does not know where to turn. Hopefully this ministry fills that void. If you are not currently on our volunteer list, and would like to be, please let me know. We can always use more!

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