Community Suppers

For anyone who likes to cook or has a little time between 4:00 and 6:00 on the 4th Wednesday of any given month, the Faithful Foodies would love to welcome you to our happy band.

There are several parts to each meal and help with any of them would be welcome. First there’s setting up the tables and chairs, which only takes a few minutes but some of our members have physical challenges that make it difficult. So if you have 15 minutes to help with that around 4:00…. Setting the tables is the next job, but that doesn’t take strength.

The most time-consuming part is preparing food ahead of time. Usually we do that at home and just cook or reheat it there. If anyone has a recipe that can be expanded to feed 40, and done ahead, we’re always looking for suggestions. If you could provide some or all of one and just drop if off, that would be most welcome. (Just call or email me well ahead of time so we can plan accordingly.) We would even be welcome to come pick it up if that is an issue.

The serving and clean up take about 45 minutes – yes really. We have a good system and the 2nd Congregational Church has a great kitchen to work in and a fantastic dishwasher.

The goal is to spread the work and responsibility so no one feels overburdened. We take turns running point (which means planning the menu and gathering help for that month) and would be delighted to include new people. So if you have a strong arm to help briefly, time to prepare a dish or an hour to serve, even once a year, please call or email me and I’ll add you to our list.

For the Faithful Foodies,

Edie Vaughan

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