Stock Transfer Instructions

Instructions for Gifts of Securities

St. Andrew’s maintains a brokerage account with Wells Fargo Advisors in Damariscotta through which gifts of securities to St. Andrew’s Church may easily be made.  The representative there is Leverett Davis, Jr.  His phone number is 207-563-6600.  He or anyone in his office can answer any questions concerning a gift of securities to St. Andrew’s.

Most stocks (DTC eligible securities) can be transferred to St. Andrew’s by having your broker or financial adviser make a DTC transfer from your account to the account at St. Andrew’s at First Clearing, LLC.  Please have your broker or financial advisor contact Lev Davis directly for particular instructions for a DTC transfer or a gift of other securities, or you may call the Church Office at 207-563-3533.

Please ask your broker or financial advisor to advise the Church Office of the gift (identity of the security, number of shares) at the time that the gift is made.  The advice to the Church Office can be by phone, email ([email protected]) or mail (P.O. Box 234, Newcastle, ME 04553).

Thank you for making a gift to St. Andrew’s Church to help in its ministry.

Ed Ross


 (Revised 5/2/2017)

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